How To Make Eye Brows Thicker And Fuller

Works Both On Both Hair And Eyebrows
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Hair is hair. This is why our serum works on making both the eyebrows and hair thicker. Since this serum was designed for the eyebrows first in mind, lets stay focused. Thin eyebrows can give you the appearance of older age, and make everyone less aesthetic.  Universal characteristic of beauty includes darker and fuller eyebrows. Without them we simply don't look as good. Many people question how to make eyebrows thicker and fuller and there are a lot of remedies for hair growth but none actually address that eyebrow hair is different than head hair. It takes specialized treatment to have your eyebrows grow thicker permanently.


Brow Effect Before And AfterIf the eyes are the window to the soul then they should be properly framed. In the 17th Century Egyptian Pharoahs darkened their eyebrows to make them more visible. Your brows serve as protection to the eyes. When sweat starts to drip from your head, it doesn’t get into your eyes easily; thus, there’s no need to worry about feeling the sweat’s saltiness. Also, thicker eyebrows make your eyes look more prominent and expressive. Keeping the eyebrow up in correct position with a slight arch creates a youthful appearance. They are the key to the symmetry of facial features and shape of face.

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